Terms of delivery
Delivery from our warehouse the same day as the product ordered at the latest at 14:00.
Confirmed delivery dates are not fixed dates, unless stated otherwise. 

Shipping Conditions
All of our materials are sold EXV unless otherwise stated.

Value added tax - VAT 
Regarding value added tax (VAT) of 25% is added to all deliveries within Sweden. See below for deliveries to other countries.

Deliveries outside Sweden
1. Shipments within the EU will not be charged VAT provided that the VAT number indicated on the order.
2. Deliveries outside the EU will not be charged VAT.

Payment Terms 
Our payment terms are net 30 days from invoice date / delivery date.
From the due date, penalty interest rate and reminder fee will be charged by applicable law.

Complaints of any kind must be made in writing immediately.
Malar Trading AB bears no direct or indirect liability for any damage that delivered or undelivered products may cause, such as downtime, additional work or other additional costs. Malar Trading AB replaces only material with equivalent new material after the complaint has been accepted by Malar Trading AB.